Welcome to Scenic Turtle Ridge

A Host Farm Experience      Expanding  Appreciation of          Preservation-----Nature-----Agriculture-----Open Space

Scroll down for some information and photographs or find us on Facebook or the HipCamp sites for photos and evlauations.  So lets get acquainted.  Scroll down, click on one of other locations highlighted (above) or check our site features.


One of the best ways to get to know anything, is to be a small part of it, and live with it a while.  Certainly this applies to Nature and experiencing different types of open areas or farms.  Camping brings you intimately into these very peacefully.

Easily inquire about, and eventually register to visit this host farm, through HipCamp.

As well as Facebook, HipCamp also offers a listing of the unedited opinions of past visitors (campers) who have camped at the farm.  These past visitors often post their own pictures with their opinions.  It is a good way to discover the farm prior to making your own visit.  To visit Scenic Turtle Ridge as campers, you must register through HipCamp.  Click here to go to HIPCAMP.

Sample the Host Farm Atmosphere

These are but a few of the images from Scenic Turtle Ridge. Potential visitors should Click here  to see Facebook photos, with comments from other visitors, as well as past happenings on the farm.  Click here to contact us.